Terms and Conditions for Uber/Bolt Clients


Pukena shall stand in as a Trustee of the car that belongs to the car owner, with vehicle details sighted.


The work to be performed under this contract shall be commenced between 5-7 working days after vehicle is accepted by the company. In most cases, this timeline might be shortened.


There are 3 services packages clients can choose from: NOTE: This fees must be paid upfront before we commence the contract


This covers for Driver Finder fees (N10,000), Inspection fees (N5,000), Cost of Fuel to commence operation (N5,000). 


This plan covers for everything in regular plus installation of car tracker for real time tracking of the vehicle by clients and the company.


Each accounting week, Pukena remits the sum of N20, 000 to the Car owner (For Rental) and N40,000 to the car owner (for hire purchase).


We only accept cars duly inspected and accepted on Uber/Bolt platforms with adequate inspection reports from both companies. Where this is not applicable, we can assist in getting this done for you at Uber/Bolt inspection centres.


  1. The car is the personal property of the client and is only given to the PUKENA Driver in trust under the watchful oversight of Pukena.
  1. Pukena is responsible for the Driver and reports directly to the car owner. All communications, therefore, between the owner and the Driver shall, where necessary pass through us (PUKENA).
  2. The Driver is responsible for regular fueling, car wash expenses, and minor periodic maintenance not more than N5, 000 in value. The car owner is responsible for major repairs that has to do with engines, body and tires. Pukena shall be responsible for monthly regular maintenance (engine oil and filter). All maintenance expenditure, however, shall be secondary to the primary type of insurance on the vehicle.
  1. Pukena shall pay the Car Owner the sum of N20,000 (rental) and N40,000 (Hire Purchase) every 7days (1 week). 
  1. Pukena will ensure that the driver does not disengage from the contract without a genuine reason, and in the event that happens, provisions would be made to provide another qualified PukenaPro Driver at no extra cost to the car owner. However, we shall inform the car owner of the development and ask for maximum of 2 days to replace the outgoing driver before work resumes with the car.
  1. Pukena will contact The Car owner requiring him to come to PUKENA head-office anytime regular check-ups is being carried on his car. This is done at least once a week (Tuesdays preferably). This is to ensure that he/she is satisfied with the current working condition of the car. If he/she is unable to be present, Pukena will carry out the routine inspection all the same and forward an automated report of the inspection to the customer’s email registered with us.
  1. If the car has not been inspected by Uber/Taxify prior to handing it over to Pukena, the owner must ensure to provide the inspection fees, enough fuel in the car to enable Pukena facilitate the movements to the inspection centers, hence the N20,000 regular plan.
  1. Pukena would ensure that the PukenaDriver would on no condition, hand over the car to another person to drive on his behalf without the prior knowledge of PUKENA and the Car owner. Failure to adhere to this rule, Pukena would carry out necessary actions against the driver, and immediately disengage the driver.
  1. PUKENA would ensure that, on no condition should the car be used for trips outside Lagos or other trips outside the Taxify / Uber App such as; weddings, car hire, or interstate transport service etc. But in rare cases of business trips outside Lagos, PUKENA would notify the Car owner for permission, in which the car owner chooses to agree or not whether his car should be used for such purposes. Usage of the car outside the owners notice or against his consent, PUKENA would be liable.
  1. The Pukena Driver is legally contracted to Pukena. He is only serving the interest of the Car owner by contract. He is not a direct hire of the Car owner, who only deals with him through us. He does not have any business with the Car owner. Should the Driver be caught by PUKENA to have formed an unhealthy allegiance with the Car owner such that it threatens Pukena’s position in the contract, Pukena would carry out legal actions against the Car owner as well as disengage the Driver from our platform and also instruct our partners Bolt/Uber to block the Driver. In the event of allegiance between the Car owner and the Driver, and something goes wrong and results to damages on the car, Pukena will not be held liable.
  1. The Pukena Driver is contracted by PUKENA TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, and therefore enjoys benefits and insurance policies that come with his contract. He is posted to serve the clients and the clients is to relate all complaints and dissatisfaction to Pukena in the course of his service.
  1. PUKENA would ensure that the Pukenapro Driver undergoes regular sessions ranging from Trainings, to Cautions, to appraisals, etc. This is to ensure the following;
  • Basic Orientation to Pukena’s procedures.
  • Thorough Knowledge about the risks, opportunities of the job.
  • Equipment Familiarization – Vehicle management and operating skills.
  • Effective management and maintenance of the vehicle, and its properties.
  1. PUKENA will ensure that the Driver is fully vetted, processed, and verified by the company before being posted.
  1. In the event that PUKENA verifies that a Driver has not been operational due to unforeseen occurrences like; death of a loved one, urgent need to travel, Sickness, or loss of a property that limits his ability to do the job, etc. The Car Owner would not be paid for that day/days, as PUKENA would make provisions for replacement of the Driver, to enable operations continue immediately.
  1. The Car Owner must note that PUKENA would also be examining the Car for a period of 2 weeks, to ensure that the car is in perfect working condition, and that before the set date a certain major issues comes up, PUKENA would not be held liable. Car owners will , however, be paid for those 2 weeks.
  1. In the event that the car also develops a major problem after the 2 weeks of examining its condition, a sharing ratio would be provided between Pukena, Pukena Driver and the Car owner to fix the issue and to ensure proper measures are taken to avert such future occurrences.
  1. The Car owner should also note that the contract can only be initiated after a re-verification of available drivers on our platform which usually takes between 5-7days after your car is accepted.
  1. The Car Owner must note that if his car has been rejected by our Drivers with complaints of not been in a perfect working condition, even after or during the course of operations, PUKENA will return his car effective immediately and will only pay for the days the car worked.
  1. 2-3 days grace period is required for delayed payment.
  1. The car owner has the right to withdraw his/her car from Pukena at any time provided Pukena has been given at least a 30 days’ notice.
  1. All changes to this agreement shall be in writing and signed by both Pukena and Car owner.
  1. PUKENA, for the duration of the contract, is liable for the Driver.
  1. In the event that there’s a breach of this contract by the Car Owner or Pukena, both shall be responsible for any legal actions carried out by either parties.
  2. In event of damages on the car as a result of the carelessness of our driver, Pukena bears full responsibility.