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What is Pukena Driver Network?

This is a driver membership programme that integrates professional drivers to work independently with us.

In recent times, the increase in demand for both full time drivers and Uber drivers in our company led to the formation of the Pukena Driver Network to create a convienient environment to constantly inform our drivers with training information, job alerts and above all, build a thriving community of progressive professional drivers.

Our Objectives

As we seek to establish a network of reputable and trustworthy drivers, we also aim for the following:

Earning: The average salary of a full time driver in Nigeria does not commensurate with the worth they do for their employers. We want to change that narrative.

While we try to improve the value and the capacity of the average Nigerian driver, we also want to transform the profession into an attractive one by improving their earnings.

Education: Training and development of our drivers through deliberate engagement with live training resources, tools and opportunities that woud galvanize and increase revenue for the members of the network is the primary aim of this network.

Better Experience: We want to improve the working relationship of drivers and employers through working as the middleman who ensures both parties are always satisfied.

High Ticket Jobs: As a member of PDN, you have access to high ticket driving jobs and qualitry cars for Uber business.

Types of Driver Jobs on Pukena

  • Driver for a day
  • Driver for a short trip
  • Driver for a week
  • Full time drivers
  • Uber Drivers


Most frequent questions and answers

This is a driver membership programme that integrates professional drivers to work independently with us.

You become a member of PDN by filling the form on this page and paying an annual membership fee of N5000. This will grant you access to all our training resources and driving job alerts

No. But payment of a membership fee of N5000 grants you unique access to all our juicy program and job offers on our platform

Access to high ticket jobs, access to cars for Uber/Bolt,  periodic trainings, guaranteed payment of your monthly salaries and so many other benefits.

Job requests come in everyday. You get a a better chance of getting a job if your profile is duly completed, with 2 guarantors and your proximity to the job location. 

Online training videos can be completed at anytime. However, physical trainings can take up to 2 weeks to complete.

Fill out the form on this page and if you qualify, you will be contacted for screening and verification.

It depends on the employer. Some might provide accommodation when they request for a driver while some might not. However, we ensure we match you to jobs closest to where you live.

Again it depends on some factors. However, the base salary for full timr drivers is N55,000 per month. We are working to improve this monthly fare

It depends on the actual job description and duration. The average is N10,000 per day.

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