General Terms & Conditions

  1. Pukena is responsible for the Driver and reports directly to the Client. All official communications, therefore, between the owner and the Driver shall, where necessary pass through us (PUKENA).
  2. Pukena shall provide a Comprehensive information on driver which include but not limited to Driver personal details and Verified Guarantors’ information,
  3. Pukena will ensure that the driver does not disengage from the contract without a genuine reason, and in the event that happens, provisions would be made to provide another qualified PukenaPro Driver.
  4. The following shall be the limit of our liability: disappearance of the driver with Client’s car, damages to the car as a result of the driver’s carelessness, loss of client’s property under the driver’s charge, theft etc. Pukena provides insurance protection to the tune of N1,000,000 indemnity insurance.
  5. Pukena would ensure that the PukenaDriver would on no condition, hand over the car to another person to drive on his behalf without the prior knowledge of PUKENA and the Client. Failure to adhere to this rule, Pukena would carry out necessary actions against the driver, and immediately disengage the driver.
  6. The Pukena Driver is legally contracted to Pukena. He is only serving the interest of the Client by contract. He is not a direct hire of the Client, who only deals with him through us. He does not have any private business with the Client. Should the Driver be caught by PUKENA to have formed an unhealthy alliance with the Car owner such that it threatens Pukena’s position in the contract, Pukena would carry out legal actions against the Client as well as disengage the Driver from our company. If the said alliance continues and something goes wrong and results to damages on the car, Pukena will no longer be held liable.
  7. The Pukena Driver is contracted by PUKENA TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, and therefore enjoys benefits and insurance policies that come with his contract. He is posted to serve the clients and the clients is to relate all complaints and dissatisfaction to Pukena in the course of his service.
  8. PUKENA would ensure that the Pukenapro Driver undergoes regular sessions ranging from Trainings, to Cautions, to appraisals, etc. This is to ensure the following;
  • Basic Orientation to Pukena’s procedures.
  • Thorough Knowledge about the risks, opportunities of the job.
  • Equipment Familiarization – Vehicle management and operating skills.
  • Effective management and maintenance of the vehicle, and its properties.
  1. PUKENA will ensure that the Driver is fully vetted, processed, and verified by the company before being posted.
  2. The Pukena Driver is contracted to work 5 days a week with an option of a 6th day (Saturday) and for 12 hours maximum in a day between 7am-7pm. Should there be a good reason to overshoot this time range, an overtime charge of N1,000 will be paid to the driver by the Client.
  3. 2-3 days grace period is required for delayed monthly payment. After this period, Pukena reserves the right to call to remind the Client of the delayed payment and if the delay continues, Pukena can withdraw the services of the Driver and take up necessary legal actions to recover the outstanding payment from Client.
  4. The Client has the right to terminate the services of the Driver at any time provided Pukena has been given at least a 30 days’ notice.
  5. All changes to this agreement shall be in writing and signed by both Pukena and Client.
  6. PUKENA, for the duration of the contract, is liable for the Driver.
  7. In the event that there’s a breach of this contract by the Client or Pukena, both shall be responsible for any legal actions carried out by either parties.